“Both shamans and scientists personally pursue research into the mysteries of the universe, and both believe that the underlying causal processes of that universe are hidden from the ordinary view.” – Michael Harner, PhD

A shaman or a shamanic practitioner is someone who is able to move between states of consciousness at her own will. Carlos Castaneda speaks of these states of consciousness as “ordinary reality” and “non-ordinary reality”, Michael Harner calls them as “ordinary state of consciousness” and “shamanic state of consciousness”.

By her will, a shaman or a shamanic practitioner would journey to the “non-ordinary reality” for healing and/or divination purpose. This journey to the “non-ordinary reality” is usually referred as a “shamanic journey”.

Through “shamanic journey”, a shaman or a shamanic practitioner enters an altered state of consciousness (again, at will) to contact and utilize what is in the hidden reality to acquire knowledge, guidance, power, and to help others. 


Satya experienced her shamanic journey for the first time in 2016, and since then has been doing the practice primarily for herself. In 2019, she took The Way of the Shaman: Shamanic Journeying, Power, and Healing with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies in the USA. She is also a member of Circle of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. 

She is currently focusing her study and practice on shamanic divination and how to work with the spirits of nature for healing, knowledge, and power. Because she is also passionate in flower and plant healing, shamanic practice has become one of her tools to perform energetic plant healing.

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Satya uses tarot and oracle cards as tools to guide and heal others, in which meditation is incorporated to help her get centered and align with her higher self. Satya is also passionate about flower and plant healing with trainings in Bach Flower Remedies. She is the author of self-published book "Star and The Dust", a compendium of poetries exploring wisdom from earth and wisdom from stars and how to bridge both.

Satya loves mathematics and science, also esoteric and metaphysical things. She loves gazing upon the stars, also walking in a garden full of flowers. She loves working with numbers, also with words. Besides growing House of Prajna with her husband, Jati, she is currently pursuing her PhD in Operations Research at North Carolina State University in the USA. Satya believes that science and spirituality are a “twin flame”; to her, both of them speak the same thing with just different languages.

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“Close your eyes, then you will find the way.”
– from a Puyallup Indian myth