Reintegrating the fragments

by | Dec 16, 2018 | Life, Philosophy, Science, Spiritual

I am Ra, from whom time began.

I am the hub of a wheel,

A day star hovering over an endless sea.

I am not the harvest; I am the seed.

I am not the Lyre; I am the song.

I will not pass away.

Egyptian Book of the Dead, Ellis translation (The Prism of Lyra)

I was introduced to the word “fragmentation” back in school around 20 years ago during the Biology classes. Compare to Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, Biology is my least favourite of hard science subjects; yet when I was writing this article somehow I remember my introduction with “fragmentation” as a concept in Biology.

In Biology, fragmentation is a form of asexual reproduction in which an organism is split into fragments. This method of reproduction is seen in, for instance, annelid worms, sea stars, fungi, and plants. Each of these fragments develop into matured, fully grown individuals that are identical to their parents.

That’s in Biology. Yet in general, we see this fragmentation everywhere.

This fragmentation is what we usually refer as “creation”.

The creation

I love a line, which I’m not sure from whom, saying that “the study of the origin of the universe is an area where science and theology meet; creation was a supernatural event.” Because it is true.

Before the beginning of creation, the Whole is a singular consciousness
with an awareness of the aspects of itself.

I believe, the existence of the Whole is beyond space and time. It lives in multidimensional and multidensity reality, which also means non-dimensional and non-density reality. Where this singular consciousness comes from in the first place? Let say it is just too absurd to imagine and conceptualize, at least for now.


In one of my old posts, titled “A soul that can’t be broken”, I tried to narrate the physicalization of souls into bodies. If I now refer a soul as a portion of the Whole, it is this portion who wondered about being fragmented and experiencing itself as a derivative from the Whole. This strong and massive intention then started to create fragmentation.

Consciousness has been fragmented, different densities and dimensions has been created. This fragmentation also created the stars, planets, gases, and molecules that make up the physical reality. Like the reproduction process, one becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes eight, until becomes too overwhelmed to control.

As we witness in the present time, that portion of the Whole I mentioned earlier has incarnated into uncountable both physical and non-physical entities scattered across continents, planets, solar systems, galaxies, universes, and dimensions. Only very few of them we are familiar with, most of them still remains unobservable.

The integration

There were times when I blamed that portion of the Whole who ever wanted this separation. But, I guess, I was part of it hence my existence here in this physical reality.

On answering the quest about the purpose of this cycle we call life, it is integration.

In calculus, we know a concept of integral, which is the limit of an increasingly large number of increasingly smaller quantities, related to the function that is being integrated. If I refer this “smaller quantities” as the fragments of the Whole, including us, that increasingly reproduce, integration is when we finally become one again with the Whole.


Without realizing it, all physical and non-physical beings across continents, planets, solar systems, galaxies, universes, and dimensions have been committed to this ultimate mission since very long time. We have been helping each other, collaborating, and working together since then. That’s the reason why we keep coming back, why we have a contact with other races, why we work with beings from other dimensions.

Because the truth is that we always desire to integrate together, we never want to left any being behind. The reason why other consciousness from different dimensions and star systems, e.g. Sirian, Arcturan, Pleiadian, Lyran, Venusian, Andromedan, try to communicate with us. The reason why the higher beings manifest to us in various forms, e.g. archetypes, ascended masters, guardian angels, spirit guides, ancestors, future selves, in order to assist and heal us. The reason why the Bodhisattvas turned the heaven’s door and decided to stay in this realm.

And for the same reason, we keep coming back to Earth to help and remind each other of the ultimate mission: the integration. That way, no one will be left behind.

“When I became,” said he,

“the becoming became.

I have become the becoming.

I am one seeing myself, divided.

I am two and four and eight.

I am the universe in diversity.

I am my transformations.

This is my coming together.

Here are my selves become one.”

Egyptian Book of the Dead, Ellis translation (The Prism of Lyra)



Satya uses tarot and oracle cards as tools to guide and heal others, in which meditation is incorporated to help her get centered and align with her higher self. Satya is also passionate about flower and plant healing with trainings in Bach Flower Remedies. She is the author of self-published book "Star and The Dust", a compendium of poetries exploring wisdom from earth and wisdom from stars and how to bridge both.

Satya loves mathematics and science, also esoteric and metaphysical things. She loves gazing upon the stars, also walking in a garden full of flowers. She loves working with numbers, also with words. Besides growing House of Prajna with her husband, Jati, she is currently pursuing her PhD in Operations Research at North Carolina State University in the USA. Satya believes that science and spirituality are a “twin flame”; to her, both of them speak the same thing with just different languages.

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