A Space to Reconnect With Your True Self

We believe that everyone is unique with their own mission here on Earth.

However there is a time when we hold ourselves back and don’t embrace who we truly are. We force ourselves to fit in with today’s society in this kind of dense world. We forget our nature as spiritual beings, and we always try hard to “do” instead of to “be”.

For those who believe that there’s something greater than “this”, for those who want to grow, for those who want to work their light (and shadow), for those who are ready to be the best version of themselves: we welcome you, gorgeous souls!

Like you, our mission is to ignite our light and share it to the world, with our own unique ways. Therefore, we truly understand with all of our heart that deep inside you want to answer your inner calling and be the best version of yourself. 


Through House of Prajna, we create a space for a soul like you to reconnect with your true self, your higher self.

If this is something that resonates with you, let’s do the work with us.
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